Correo 0.3

Mail the Camino way

Correo is an open source mail client that mixes Mozilla and Camino technology. View full description


  • Keychain support
  • Address Book integration
  • Camino like interface
  • Leopard support


  • Still very unstable
  • IMAP support doesn't work very well

Not bad

Correo is an open source mail client that mixes Mozilla and Camino technology.

Correo is to Thunderbird what Camino is to Firefox. Built with Mozilla code and fitted with a Camino like interface, Correo is a welcome addition to the mail client scene. Even though the application is still only at 0.3, its features look promising. The interface has the buttons and design of Camino and a multi column interface.

Correo is already Leopard compatible. It can integrate the Mac Address Book and, like Camino, supports Keychain, so you can use your certificates to encrypt your emails. You can add attachments to any message, handle multiple accounts, whether POP or IMAP and open up messages in a new window. Correo is enjoyable to use and should make for a good alternative to Apple Mail and Mozilla Thunderbird in the future.

It's obvious that the application isn't ready yet though. Correo is pretty unstable and can crash for no reason. IMAP support also seems to have some issues every now and then.

A promising open source mail client, with Mozilla and Camino technology, Correo is still too unstable for any serious use.

Introducing Correo, a new open-source mail client for Mac OS X. Correo blends technology from two popular Mozilla projects, Camino and Thunderbird, to create a polished native Macintosh application.

There are many planned features for the mail client, including plugin capability (to allow development of extensions such as PDA synchronization), tabbed window interface, address book support, keychain access, and various other to-be-determined features.



Correo 0.3

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